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Speech about environment
We approach to welcome twenty-first century. Everyone is happy because world is going to be better. The horrible illnesses and problems of population, poverty and wars started to disappear. World starts to change and everybody think: Yes, maybe tomorrow it will be better. People go to their jobs and they earn money. The most important for them it is to have a good car, big home with swimming pool. Only a few people think what happens with our environment. With trees, with rivers, with woods. Now everyone is busy and not many people see that everything what is round us is going to die.

Have you ever asked yourself how environment can be damaged? Do you think about it when you leave the light in your room when you go out? Do you read a note on the packets of some products that you buy in supermarket? I'm sure that you don't. You don't want to waste your time so you use deodorant with CFC, you throw the rubbish into the sea and you don't mind when all lights at your home are switched on, do you? So, you see that everyone damages environment although he is unaware of it.

Now the most important dangers are: sun's radiation, devorestation and pollution. Sun's radiation are bad, very bad for our skin. If the ozone layer disappeared we would have burns and our skin wouldn't be just like before. The burns of sun's radiation leave horrible scars and later we could have problems. So the scientists scream: use less electricity, don't smoke, use less products with CFC. All these things damage the ozone layer, which protects us from sun's radiation. We should use bicycles, we shouldn't burn forests, we should throw litter on beaches. We should be "green" and protect our planet. We have to use ozone friendly things because holes in the ozone layer might become bigger.
Poland is a country where it is a big problem with pollution. Our beaches, sea, rivers and forests are polluted and it looks horrible. People don't want to swim or walk there. So I think that we must organise an action called Clean up the world At least for one week we could clean our hausing estates , we could put in more rubbish beens. We might join ecologists and then our planet will be beautiful.

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