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Having many brothers and sisters may be an enjoyable experience from the childhood and this friendship can grow during further life. But it might become a really hard time for these children. Is it a real fun to have many siblings?
On the one hand, children who grew up in a large family are better prepared to live in the society because they understand other people. They are also more reliable as they had to take care of their brothers and sisters. Those kids may seem to be happy due to having 'friends' to play with or talk to. What is more, in the adult life they always have somebody to tell everything. The siblings keep together all the time and help each other in every case.
On the other hand, the more siblings you have, the less you get. If it is a really big family, children need to share everything they have. They also may be not so happy to have only one or two rooms to accommodate so many of them. It can be hurting for he economical reason, too - parents may not have so huge sum on their account that their many children would eat enough or they would have to give their clothes from the older to the younger one.
In conclusion, many people think that a family with many children is a loving family. It may be true but can be tricky as well. The siblings have much fun of having so many brothers or sisters but the are always sad to have to share the room, the toys, the parent's love...

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