Rozprawka na temat-plusy i minusy pracowania w niedziele

satysfakcja b/d


working on sundays is a standart thing which a lot of people all around the world do nowadays.when we hear such word as "work"we usually think about tiredness,making money or just missing another makes a very huge contrast with word "sunday" which unites with resting,relax and doing nothing special.however a juxtaposision of these two words is using very often today.working on sunday is a big problem or is it a good way to earn more money?let's consider advantages and disadvantages.
there is no denying that work on sunday have a number of advantages.first of all on that day most of employers pay double bid,in short you can earn much more than you just to.and of top of that,mostly the work you suppose to do is less.secondly,when you have your own store it is a great idea to have it open on sunday.most of people don't have time to do shopping because of the fact that they are working during the sunday is a perfect day for is also true that you earn more money,you are gettin richer and yourhard made money can be spend on whatever you like.
although working on sundays can be profitable,it does have some disadvantages.for instance,person which decide to work at that day have less time for family and himself.another problem is health,too much work is very dangerous for us.humanneed to rest.another reason is our religion and views.many of them condemn working on sundays.mostly believe that sunday is a rare day and everyone should do nothing special.relax and resting are the most important things.
let me just recap what's been said so far.our problem has got many pluses and bring them together I can say that the best way to resolve the problem is to work on sundays but for example once a my opinionthat solution will be the best one.

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