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My name is Małgorzata Kowalska. I live in Zakopane. My national speak is polish. I'm seventeen.
I have got two brothers. Their name are Damian and Darek. I am from Poland. My mother works at the hotel. I love listening to techno and studing. I have got a dog and cat.. They haven't got names. I like swimming in swimming pool and the sea. I don't like cigarette, but my friends smok. I love dancing and singing. I am interested in history and polish. I hate my enemies and traveling in Germany. My brothers are older than me. I have got a boyfriend. His name is Sebastian. My hobby is Tv. I love comedy and action movies. I can't speak German, but I study. I like Poland. I don't like chesse and milk, but I love cacao and coffee. My favourite singer is 50 cent, and my favourite idols are Jackie Chan and Antonio Banderas. I like coca-cola and a lot of drink.

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