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As the clock was striking midnight, there was a loud whisper at the door: ''Let me in!''. Carol was frightened; she remembered the announcer's report: he was talking about a very dangerous criminal who had already killed five people. She came to the door silently. And then she heard it again: ''Let me in, please!'', said the stranger. ''It's me, Tim''. She had no idea what to do. Belive him and let him in or not?
She decided to test him. ''What is my favourite colour?'', she asked. As an answer she had heard: ''Green''. The choice was right but what if it was a coincidence? If she had opened the door, he could have killed her! Carol decided to check him once again. ''How long are we together?'', she asked. She was waiting for the answer but there was only a deep silence behind the door. She thought, that he might have gone, so she decided to go to bed. Then, suddenly, she had heard the answer: ''Three years, eight months and twelve days''. She knew that it was Tim. She opened the door carefully and saw his smile. He was so handsome whit his wet hair. Ahe let him in, dryed his clothes and they were eating and talking until sunshine.
Next day, when Tim was reading a newspaper, he saw an article about the criminal. Some police officer had caught him, when he was trying to brake into a house. And then he saw a picture of Carol's home.

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