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John Smith aged 24, a gynaecologist from Tampere, which is located in middle Finland. John was born in rich finnish merchants family. He has always been into medicine. For this reason, he decided to study medicine on University in Tampere, where he got his doctor degree. As a man, he is regarded as a friendly man who is always helpful for everyone. In his free time he usually surfes internet, read criminal and science fiction books or travel with his younger brother, Daniel, aged 20, throught all over the world in search of adrenaline. He is keen on scubba diving, rafting, climbing. Being an experienced traveler let him discover a lot of unbelievable tastes of international cuisine. John usually eats italian and greek food, full of salade and pasta and lamb meat. Although, he tries to avoid eating liver with garlic and onion as he is too salty for him. As a doctor, he needs to spend a lot of time at hospital, looking after his patients. When he comes back home after a hard day work, he likes resting around listening to micheal jackson, who is his favourite pop star. At the moment he is planning to go with his younger brother on his concert to Stockholm. Will this journey as exiciting as his previous travels used to be?? As soon as he comes back Finland, he'll let us know. read more next week

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20.5.2008 (18:45)

fatalna praca.

Jeżeli jesteście dobrzy z Anglika , lepiej napisać samemu niż to skopiować . gramatyka i słowa są poprostu...

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