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Dear Zibi,

I'm writing this letter while on holiday.
I'm having the best time of my life.
I'm here at Rożnowo together with my friends.
The village is really beautiful.
We've been having lovely weather since the very arrival, with the sun shining every day.
We're staying in charming little thatched cottages that are very cosy.
Every day we go on trips enjoying ourselves very much.
Today we're going on a lake to have a swim and get sunburnt.
On our last excursion we went cycling.
Of course we had a great time too.
We always have something to eat after such an excursion, and then we all get some rest.
In the evenings, we go to discos most often, or we spend the nights at the local club.
What's more, I met a very attractive girl while in the club the other night.
Her name's Kazia, she's 18 and comes from Cracow.
Ever since we've been seeing each other at the beach or in the club.
I wish you could come here with your girlfriend too.

Lots of love,

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