Opis ulubionego miejsca z dzieciństwa. The place I'll never forget.

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When I was a child, there was a beauty spot I loved spending time in. I know it is quite strange and unusual but my favourite place was a basement in my grandma’s house. She lived in a small village with beautiful meadows and forests but the cellar was the oasis of rustic peace, where I could do whatever I wanted.
The basement was quite big and dark because there were no windows. My granny gave me a paraffin lamp. I remember that it was a real magic machine. My imagination let me to be a Cinderella or a Little Red Riding Hood and I never felt bored. Seldom did someone play with me but I did not mind it. Everything was mysterious and interesting there. I loved to sit in a rocking chair and read fairytales. If I had not done this then, I would not have become a bookwarm. I found many of books in my grandparents’ chest full of souvenirs and old clothes. You can imagine what treasure for a child it was. There were also a lot of things, furniture, pictures which encouraged me to play, either.
My granny was worried because I prefered spending time in a cold and shady place to her warm and sunny orchard. She often insisted on my going out but I quietened her down. I loved that place even though people thought it was a dirty and unpleasant hole. I know I will never forget my wonderful place of childhood.

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