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Unemployment is a very serious problem in Poland.An unemployment rate grows rapidly.Being unemployed these days is not a shame.In the face of rapid technological progress and economic changes , people are often made redundant.
In my opinion he problem is that the unemployed often do not have the relevant qualifications .In such causes they can receive special professional training provided by Employment Office.This system enables more people to requalify or retrain.The unemployed may also look for a part – time job , look for job by private employment agencies or by the newspapers.Unfortunately a lot of the unemployed don’t research the job.They register in the Employment Office and get Income Support , becouse it’s the easiest way.
Polish politician open vocational guidance and give social assistance but I think they should reform taxes.

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11.3.2010 (11:52)

Wszystko ładnie zredagowane i przepisane z książki ze strony 99 temat 11.2 Unemployment (Social Problems) :P