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I would like to describe a place called Torguay. This lovely and very interesting town is situated in south- west part of England. It lies at the sea cost and it is surrounded with blue sea water. Torquay has been one of the UK’s top holiday destinations since Victorian Times.
It was the Victorians who first used the Riviera name to describe their favourite resort and their legacy remains to this day with sparking white villas on the hilltops and beautiful gardens around the seafront.
Torquay’s waterfront is the focus of life in the town. You can find there the palm-lined promenade, seafront gardens, a lively harbor and an international marina. Yet within minutes of the town centre there are beautiful beaches easily accessible by foot, road or water. There are lots of pavement cafes, pubs and restaurant.
If you want to explore the town’s potential, it would be a great idea to stay at a youth hostel called “The Backpackers”. It has a friendly, family atmosphere. “The Backpackers” is located less than 10 minutes walk from the beach. You can book a dorm style room or a double room. As this hostel is very cosmopolitan you can even share the room with a person from Australia or Japan. There are also a communal kitchen, dining room and TV lounge. Bed linen, lockers and laundry facilities are provided. The owner also organizes barbecues, beach parties, trips and pub tours.
If you want to do something on your own and you don’t want to spend all day on the beach you can choose one of many tourist attractions which Torquay offers. You can see Babbacombe Model Village.You can visit Kents Covern - Torquay’s Historic Archeological Site, or Princess Gardens. If you want to spend a good time in water and you want scuba diving you would definitely take a wet suit, oxygen, flippers and face mask. There is hot and sunny so you can sunbath and relax on beach. Torquay is also the Capitol of clubbing in the South West. The English Riviera has loads of clubs and cafes bars. The epicenter of nightlife is in Harbourside, where you can party and have a pint of bitter.
I think that it is beautiful and very interesting place. You ought to visit this town. Everyone must go to Torquay because it is good and you can see everything there. This town is a lively and exciting place so if you want to spend your free time in a cosmopolitan town, meet a lot of interesting people from different countries, to do some sightseeing and experience the real England- Torquay is a highly recommended place!

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