charakterystyka Harrisona Forda

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Harrison Ford is an actor. He’s in his late sixties. He’s one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. He’s a very popular and succesful actor. He is famous for starring in films. He has starred in many films, such as “Adventures of Indiana Jones”, “Star Wars” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

He is tall and well-built. This actor is very handsome, according to women. He has got big brown eyes and short, brown, straight hair. He has a tanned square face and a friendly smile on it. He hasn’t any wrinkles,

a moustache and a beard. He looks fantastic in a suit that’s why he usually wears it. When he isn’t working, he usually wears casual clothes, especially jeans,

denim jacket and trainers.

Mr Ford is private, he dislikes the crowds and noise of Hollywood’s parties. He’s very serious about his job and family. Harrison is a very caring person, he forgets his own problems when he’s helping others. He’s very kind and polite as well. Mr Ford is very helpful. However, he tends to be stubborn from time to time. This Hollywood actor is interested in sport. He likes football and basketball very much. His hobby is building things. He likes working with his hands very much. He works with environmental groups. He hardly ever read books because he usually watches TV. He also enjoys listening to music.

Harrison Ford is one of the Hollywood’s bester actors that’s why he’s liked by many people in the world. He has starred in many films. We are waiting for the next films with him.

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27.7.2006 (14:12)

widze w tej pracy duży wpływ z Enterprise 3. :P:P:P

27.7.2006 (14:11)

mam takie zadanie aby napisać charakterystykę Harrisona Forda i korzystam obecnie z Enterprise 3 i wszystko z tamtą jest praktycznie zjechane