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Ta: Good morning. Can I help you?

C: Yes, please. We have decided to go on a package holiday and we'd like some information.

Ta: Yes, what would you like to know?

C: We are interested in spending our holidays in the Rocky Mountains. We want to relax far from the city noise.

Ta: Well, I think I have a perfect offer for you, then. I suggest you should go to the Kingsbrook campsite. When would you like to go?

C: We have been thinking of going in July. You see, we want to take our children with us and they have their summer holidays then.

Ta: How long would you like to stay there?

C: Two weeks. And could you tell us how much that would cost?

Ta: When you decide on our offer you can pay 100 dollars per person and we shall hold the reservation for you. But you have to make up your mind quickly because the Rocky Mountains is one of the most popular destinations.

C: What also must we do? And what about accomodation?

Ta: Well. You have to pay the rest of the money two weeks before the journey. As for as accomodation is concerned in our offer we have both luxury hotels and cheaper second class hotels.

C: And what about the journey? Which airport does our plain leave from?

Ta: There are some possibilities so when you make a decision we can settle the details.

C: Well, that sounds perfect but we have to think if over. Could we get these brochures and talk it over with our children?

Ta: Yes of course.

C: By the way, do we need a visa?

Ta: Yes, but we can help you to obtain it then it will cost a little bit less.

C: We'd also like to know something more about the climate and the type of food available.

Ta: In this quide you may find some useful information about the climate so that you could take the right clothes.

C: Well, I think that's all we want to know. We'll take this quide and we'll let you know in two days. But frankly speaking this is just what've been looking for. Thank you very much.

Ta: You're welcome.

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