Zalety i wady korzystania z Internetu

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These days it is said a lot of about the net. Like everything net has a good and a bad aspects.

Let me start with advantages of the net.
Firstly the net is a part of world so everyone need to use it. People don’t use it only for games but also to work. Moreover, many of us can’t imaginative world without the net it is necessary thing in life lots of people.

Secondly we can use the net for learn. It is a good solution for disable people, who can’t leave their homes. In easy way they get education. In spite of this children use the net for learn, doing their homework or for their hobbies.
Furthermore we can use the net for chatting or for talking with our friends, send e-mails, sms and we economize on a phone.
But on the other hand when we use the net only for games or chatting we can being addicted, secondly some web sites are not suitable for children.

All in all in spite of disadvantages of net everyone will use it because it is very important thing in these days.

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27.7.2006 (14:13)

Ogólnie ok, chociaż trochę za mało tych wad. No a po za tym również sporo błędów