Advantages and Disadvantages of Living with the Parents

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Leaving home by young people is a problem to be considered individually. There are some issues concerning leaving with parents which a person may find advantageous or disadvantageous ones depending on what the person values most. The main advantages may be: subsistence, housework or advice. As far as economic reasons are concerned, a young person does not have to worry about payments. In this way (s)he has more money to spend for leisure activities. Another advantage may be less housework to do, which means more time for studying. You do not have to worry about cooking, ironing or cleaning. If you live with parents, you always have someone to talk to and rely on. Parents support you in difficult situations and their life-based wisdom can be very helpful. As you can see there might be quite a few advantages of staying at home with parents. However, one may also see some disadvantages, like: limited privacy or different opinions. Parents may watch your hands and the way of doing things. You may often have to explain where you have been or what you have done. Different points of view and quarrels are nearly unavoidable. Generally, in my opinion the matter of leaving home is a very individual one and should not be decided too quickly. One should carefully consider all pros and cons before deciding which case is better.

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