Advantages and disadvantages of healthy lifestyle

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The healthy style of life never was the strong side of mankind. However this from at a run of years changes, similarly how mentality changes and human habits. In this moment I surely would find both fanatic adorers of healthy mode of life how and him decided enemies. All be convinced about their right, I will try to introduce point of sight of both sides.

The considerable improvement of state of health is one of more important arguments of followers of healthy style life, our endurance as well as enlargement shape. Eating persons healthily and growing some sport they more considerably seldom are ill on civilization diseases, thanks have practices larger resistance on viruses and every kind bacteria.Suitable nourishing strengthens organism and his demand fulfils on microorganisms and macronutrient, and it how was it is knowed in today's times health it is the most important.

The counterargument, by which decided the men's majority does not decide on leadership such style of life then impossibility of food this which likes each other and so sure psychical dyskomfort. Co it for this goes all which judge so, they have not intention to does not use with life and his pleasure, and so also from good, though not always healthy food. Many translators oneself also this, that there is different style of life despite far the good results of investigations as well as it does not complain on bad state of health. Obviously food this what it likes each other in moderated quantities it is not bad, we have however remembering to from nothing does not transplant, our state of health surely will undergo decided deterioration then.

It it was one should was notice also, that eating in agreement from one's organism men more considerably often have good mood and they more seldom fall in depressions and melancholy. They are better set to surrounding their world and they have to life great desire, they from life with knowledge of what want and they take this full handfuls. It was can not suggest obviously, that all you which they eat differently verves have not then life nor aims and thirsts, however more considerably often then you better eating to those aims they come.

It was can notice also easily, that the often healthy mode of life turns into in obsession. It it was not one should was explain anybody, that falling in extremity never brought to happiness anybody, and outright just the opposite. Obsession on point their body and this how they perceive us it can lead to many dangerous diseases different, as for example bulimia, annorexia czy neurosis. All of them require suitable the treatment and first of all the change of hitherto exist habits, they can differently bring to death even. It does not forget none of them, they stay in the man's psyche to end of life, which makes impossible to them normal functioning among different men very often. It was it is knowed however, that contemporary world pays back on external appearance great attention, one could not however from nothing to transplant, in end it then I was should we senses well alone with me.

The healthy style of life this the uniezależnienie from every kind of condiments also, np the cigarettes, coffee czy the liquor. It it was can was rzeczywiście affirm, that it is this enough rigorous change in our life, we have however alone choose, write out for and against and proceed with own conscience peaceably and feeling. It it it was it is knowed was was, that condiments these do not bring to good nothing, they are the the most frequent causes of deceases, but they are for contemporary man also special entertainment.

Defect and the advantages of healthy style of life depend from every of us, one will seeing one another only defects different only advantage. We have however to remember, it that was not one should deprive all pleasures of life to to eat with harmony of organism peaceably. It will suffice to know we eat moderation in all what and we drink, and to does not exercise to borders of possibility also. It was one should remember also, that thanks this our organism pay back for us longer and healthier life, which is the largest advantage.

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21.11.2007 (23:30)

jej ...male niedociagniecia-dwu jezycznego tekstu nie widzialam...:D:D:D

27.7.2006 (14:15)

co to ma byc?

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