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Drawsko is a delightfully village surrounded by fields and woods, near by a lake “Okra”. It is also near to big cities like Szczecin and Koszalin, where is factories, industry and heavy traffic. The countryside around the village is incredibly green, with fields, grass, trees.

If you are a nature lover just go walk through the countryside to the Lake, it takes less than an hour and it’s a wonderful place to see! By the lake there is a lot of bird especially swans and wild ducks. It is a possibility to rent some kind of water sports equipment for example water bike, boat, canoe or fishing rod. A part of that “Okra” is very nice place, were you can swim, relax or play some water sports.

In the centre of Drawsko is the square. Around the square are little shops, bank, some bars, and a few restaurants for example “Ristorannte” were is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten! Opposite bank there is a small kiosk, were you can bay everything from bubble gum to comb.
Locals an sometimes visitors like to spend time in the one of the bars, drinking, talking and watching other peoples.

The local peoples are very nice, they often organized some party in the park, invite famous people, prepare benefit performance, announce same competitions, chosen miss etc. In Drawsko you just can not boring!

However, there are no large hotels, so habitants must to build extra rooms to let visitors in the summer, but still kept charming character of the village.
If you are looking for peace and quiet and also good fun and interesting experience, you must to visit Drawsko It is a god place to escape for problems and rush.

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