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On summer holiday I’d like to visit many places like Egypt Italy France. I want to see places witch I have never seen.

First of all I’d like to go to hot Egypt but I’ve never visited this country. There are famous pyramids and the huge Sphinx in Egypt. I haven’t seen them. The Sphinx is very big. It has got 20 meters. I want to see Cheops Piramid, Chefren and Mykerinos. I’d love to touch a nice camel and ride on it. If I travel there I will go to the khan al-Khalili bazaar. I would buy there some clothes. I would see to museum exhibits. If I am in Egypt visit I will be on an exciting boat trip down the river of Nile. I would eat in an old traditional restaurant .

Another country I’d love to see is wonderful Italy. If I travel to Italy first I will go to lovely Rome. There is the famous Colosseum in Rome. It is very old and going to pretty Venice . If I am there I will sail on a small boat. I want to visit Vatican. There is John Paul II in Vatican. I want to see the tour in Pisa, beatiful St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

My dream is to go to interesting France. There is the high Eiffel Tower in Paris.A.G.Eiffel built it. This tower has got 273 metres. It is really high. I think it’s nice to go there ‘cos I’ve never seen it.

I also dream about going to Australia .I want to see Sydney. The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are very famous .It would be nice to go on a beach ‘cos it is only 6 kilometres from the centre of Sydney .There is the Luna Park in Sydney and I want to go there.

But the most favourite place where I want to travel to is a see.I a lot like water and I love swimming. For me that isn’t important if water is hot or cold. I can swim in both . But I think that the best place for me will be sunny Croatia .It is a beatifull country and there is the warm see .

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