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There is a lot of crime in our world. We meet it every day. We read about it in newspapers, hear in radio and TV, we watch films full of murders and violence.
People murder other people, even children in age 12, even less, become killers. They often do it without any available and reasonable reason. They have strange requirement , they like to see blood and pain on their victim’s face.
There are a lot of lawbreaker: arsonists, shoplifters, muggers, vandals, kidnappers, pickpockets, drug dealers, assassin, hooligans, smugglers, forgers, etc. It is dangerous to walk alone at night. We can became a victim of crime. We can meet group of young people with sticks and if we won’t give them money they will beat us.
In large cities there are a lot of unemployed people who have no useful work skills , they don’t work, can’t work, don’t pay taxes. There are also alcoholics and drug addicts. Those people steal money or goods to pay for their drugs, alcohol, food. Their crimes cost people a lot. There are also angry young people who destroy property and commit violence.
In this time more popular, on the wrong meaning, become terrorism. All world is under impression of assassination on World Trade Center. Everybody knows, who Osama bin Laden is.
But there are also many crimes which aren’t public, which haven’t got witnesses. They pass in private houses, flats. We don’t know how many women and children are beaten by husbands and fathers. Those men very often overuse alcohol or do it sobered. Women and kids are frightened and they don’t have courage to go at the police station.
Can the problem of crime be solved? I don’t think so. It is long and hard work. We can’t battle violence overnight.
I think that criminals should suffer punishment. If they don’t take penalty more people will commit violence. They will think, that they can avoid responsibility.
I think that prisons which are only for punishment don’t change criminals into good citizens. They live in bone cells, in a severe regime. When they are released they commit other crimes. The prisoners should cooperate with psychiatrists, group therapy sessions. But it is also hard work. Results depend on a person. If the criminal wants a change, he will do it. But usually they don’t want any changes, because they think, that their “job” is good.
I think that good way of rehabilitation is giving sentences to serve in the community. But not for every prisoner. Some of them, for example the one who murdered another man, shouldn’t take such punishment, because they can once again make many damages.
I don’t know what to think about death penalty. On the one hand I support it, because it is a good punishment for someone who committed hard crime. On the other hand we haven’t got a law to kill other people. We hurt their families, we deprive children of fathers or mothers, wives of husbands, parents of children, etc.

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