Advantages and disadvantages of living in the country

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Living in the country has both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, the country offers a better rate of living in terms of health. For instance one is much closer to nature and can enjoy peace and quiet on the one hand and clean air, water and food, on the other. What is more, country dwellers don’t have to stand the noise, the traffic and the bustle to which citizens are daily exposed. In addition life in the country is much slower and people tend to be more open and friendly.

However, there are certain drawbacks of life in the country. For one thing, there is a serious lack of jobs, especially interesting ones. This is mainly due to the small number of shops and services. Another disadvantage is the lower educational level. Even if there are schools and universities in the country, they are certainly not as good as those in the city. Last but not least, entertainment, particularly in the evening is difficult to find, as there are hardly any music clubs, theatres, operas or museums. Therefore living in the country could be very boring, especially for teenagers.

In conclusion, I think that life in the country is not suitable for everybody. It is the best place for elderly people who seek for peace and quiet. It’s inappropriate for those who want entertainment or a successful career.

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27.7.2006 (14:08)

praca bardzo fajna, nie czytałam bardzo dokładnie, ale nie rzuciły mi się w oczy żadne błędy, mogłaby być bardziej rozwinięta, but all in all it is very good