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I was born on 5th June,1988 in Wrsaw.The meaning of my name "Agnes" is cleanness.I am the student of the first class technical school,so I am 16 years old.I am 1,60 cm height (tall) and I think I am weel-builit.I have layered,short,fair hair with fringe on the right side of my face.My face is oval.I have big but slanting,hazel eyes.When I get up early in the morning I always see baojs under the eyes.I have long and thick lashes and thineyebrows.My nose looks like potatoe.On my face you can see wrinkles and spots on the forehead.My cheeks are usually rosy.People often teel me that "I am looking older than I am". On my 18th birthday I want to have a toto and (let in) grow hair into dreadlocks.I am not reserved,silent or shy.I am cheerful,sociable and open to people.My Zodiac sign is gemini,so I am strong0willed.One of my virtues is self-assurance.I am energetic and curious of life and active.I am tolerant person but I hate typical blondes.I dislike conceit, greedess and laziness.I love meeting with my friends and going out with them.I am fond of hip-hop music.My favourite hip-hop singer is "EMINEM".In spite of the fact that I am ambitious,sometimes I have worse days and I am (sometimes) nervous,untidy,moody and unsociable.My habit is playing "[email protected]" and roller skateing (;p;p;p).This is what I think about myself.

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