The family is getting weaker and family ties will gradually disappear.

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What we would like to talk about is that the family is getting weaker and family ties will gradually disappear. We chose this topic, because we want to present how the family relationships have changed in the last few years.

First of all it is good to remind how the family of our ancestors looked like. For certain the family was the most important issue in their life. For example, a few generations lived in one house. The father made a living and woman looked after the children and the house. Another generation was the grandparents who contributed to family life, because generally it was their house to witch their children with their families moved. Everybody have a respect for the elderly who were an example for them. But nowadays the family life is different.

Secondly young people started to leave the family house, because they wanted develop. They started to moved to cities, due to they wanted to go to school or to find a job. Finally as a result family ties have the become less important.

Another issue is that if they have their comfortable life they staid there. As a result now they live in a long distance they don’t have many interactions between them so the grandparents seem to have lost their authority.

Contemporary father and also mother has to work long hours to make many, because of difficult situation. Children have to take a care about themselves. The family spend less time than earlier with each other. Everybody has their own matters which they need to look after.

All we know that there is a small number of families which have very good family ties. But we think that this kind of families are only in countries, where now also a few generations live together. But as we said it is a small number of this families and we don’t suppose that it is going to change. Family ties will disappear everywhere.

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oj dużo błędów, UWAGA na \'which\' a nie witch

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Uwaga na znaczne błędy w pracy...jest dużo literówek i niestety zdarzają się błędy gramatyczne.Poza tym konwencja pracy dobra,treść z sensem i zachowane proporcje wypracowania.