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Great Britain

Location of the country in Europe West on island.
Size: 241752 km
Capital: London


London is the capital this country. In London live Queen and her family, in Buckingham Palace. On Downing Street 10 live premier.
In London there is big clock. It’s called Big Ben. In this city there are British Museum (art antiquity), Nationally Gallery (Europe’s art of XIII – XIX), Victoria and Alert Museum (English and french art), Natural History Museum and mediaeval fortress Tower, Parliament and churches…
In London there is river called Tamiza.


Edinburgh is the Scotland’s capital. Kings of Scotland’s live in the city. In Edinburgh there are: National Gallery of Scotland (Europe art) mediaeval castle with chapel of XII, houses of XVI and cathedral of XIV – XVI.

Manchester is famous for its two football teams: Manchester City and Manchester United. Manchester United is third group in the UK and the fourth in Europe. Beckham, Veron, Barthez, Schols, and Butt, Giggs, Cole, Irwan, Keane play in the Manchester United.
There are many museums, historical churches, houses and buildings… in this city


Liverpool is the second city in Britain. In Liverpool there are universities, museums and Art Gallery. In the centre of the city is town hall of XVIII – XIX. There is a big harbour. In Liverpool there is a river called Mersey. Liverpool is a very beautiful city.

The famous Liverpool’s football team is called FC Liverpool. Dudek, Heskey, Owen, Anelka, Gerrard, Mc Allister, Fowler play in the FC Liverpool.

In the UK there are many beautiful and famous cities such as: Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield, Belfast, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Plymouth. This country is very nice, and friendly people live there.

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