Passive Voice - Klucz do cwiczen

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1 . They are using the computer at the moment
The computer is being used at the moment by Them

2 . Kate was watering flowers when I came
The flowers were being watered when I came

3 . The apprentice was writing a book
A book was written by an apprentice

4 . Bill is planting a tree in the garden
A tree is being planted in the garden

5 . The President will give a speech tommorow
A speech will be given tommorow be the President

6 . Laura has read this novel
This novel has been read by Laura

7 . Somebody has broken the vase
The vase has been broken by somebody

8 . Queen hasn’t released a new album for ten years .
A new album hasn’t been released by Queen for ten years

9 . Paul ate an apple ( bardzo proste .... )
An Apple was eaten by Paul

10 . Harrison Ford has played Han Solo’s role in the „StarWars”
Han Solo’s role has been played by Harrison Ford

11 . The boss will do it
It will be done by the boss

12. Tolkien wrote „The Lord of the Rings”
This book was written by Tolkien

13 .The wind ruined the crops
The crops were ruined by the wind

14 .Brenda was repairing her sun-glasses .
Sun-glasses was being repaired by Brenda

15. Jim had prepared everything before Steve came
Everything had been prepared before Steve came

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7.12.2006 (14:54)

trohe tu błędów ale może być

27.7.2006 (14:19)

w 3 zdaniu powinno być chyba "was being written"
a nie was written

27.7.2006 (14:13)

no ciekawe jak wyglada passive voice w Past Continous, bo napewno nie tak jak w trzecim zdaniu, tu jest wiecej byków