Life is much better today than in the past .

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I'd like to begin by saing that I don't agree with the statement that life is much better today than in the past. I like historical books and movies, so sometiomes I'd just like to go back to the past and move into the times of Scarlett O'Hara, polish golden age or the Ancient Rome. Living in past seems more interesting to me that living in the present day, when people are always in hurry and care only about money and career. They don't live with each other but next to each other. However living in past not always was the idyll, there were three factors which decided about it: First of all - the financial and social status. Life wasn't easy for slaves or farmers.

They had to work very hard and could be killed only because of their owner's bad mood. But on the other hand kings, nobility and church dignitaries lived in the lap of luxury, spending time on the feasts and huntings. They were rich enough to have beautiful houses, carriages, clothes, lots of servants and full larders without doing anything.
Next important thing was a gender - being a woman was nothing but misery. They couldn't do anything interesting except sitting in house, weaving, cooking and waiting for their husbands. Whats more - women couln't even choose husbands theirselves. They couldn't go to school (maybe it wasn't so bad) and often were the victims of the witch- hunting and ended their lives on the pyries. In contrast men could do whatever they wanted, for example - fight the duels and kill their enemies without any punishment or have the mistresses.
The last factor was the place and time of living. It was a misfortune to be borne during the World War II, the Great Plague in England in 1665 or partitions in Poland. Nevertheless people who were living in Roman Empire, United States before demolition of slavery or Poland in its golden age had nothing to complain. Every country had its ups and downs and every century was different in various countries and that's why place and time should be considered together.
In conclusion: living in the past was not always easy. It all depended on various historical circumstances. Living in the present day has its advantages like electricity or tap water but it lost a lot of romanticism and charm. However we can still imagine being a princess in a beautiful dress with a corset who takes part in a ball on a castle...

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