The differences between the British and American educational systems.

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Education systems in these countries have many dissimmilarities .Nevertheless, in both countries children must attend to school everyday except of Saturdays, Sundays and ,of course, holiday .

In Britan students learn between the ages of five and fifteen. When the pupils are five years old they go to infant school . After two years they graduate to next level of knowledge and move to junior school . When they are eleven, everybody must pass the very stressful ( both for children and, I think, parents ) exam . Now there are three types of secondary school: grammar school, modern school and technical one . In the USA students attend school usually between seven and sixteen years old. All of theml have guaranteed education till thirteen . We do not have something like that in the Uk ( or I have not heard anything about this up until now ).At first they go to elementary school . After five years they pass to secendary school . They usually spend there six years of life in two divisions : junior high school and senior high school , similary like in Britan .Now both the pupils from the British isles and the centre of the North America go to the university or colleges . First of all, before they enter the university or college, they have to pass the most important exam in secendary school - A-levels exam . After completing the secendary education these young people must take a decison , where to study .Although they are young they often say goodbye to their own parents and start a very hard time in their lives . In the USA, at a university and collage, students get a Bechelor`s Degree after three years of studies, and after two more years they may receive a Master`s Degree , provided that they collect enought credits .British students do not have the points, but they have the exams after each term. The most besiege and prestigious universities in the United States of America are : Yale , Harvard, Pennsylvania and Cornell and in the Uk : the London University, Oxford and Cambridge .

To sum up, both these countries do not have special differences . Entire education is similar. They have three basic types of schools.

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