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House of my dreams .
It is a single-family house , located by the sea , overlooking the beach. It is big, warm and cozy . The roof is covered with tiles colored dark brown. The facade is made of red brick facade and plaster of dark amber and yellow in the shade of sand from the beach .

The property is fenced with brick pillars with stone sandstone spans combined with wooden planks . It includes a garden with various shrubs and trees . In the corner of the plot is a pergola with grill.

From the entrance to the estates pulls the road laid with cobblestones leading to the main entrance to the house and garage for 2 cars. On both sides of the belt is mounted lighting. Behind the building is a terrace with sea views .

The building is a bungalow with attic . On the ground floor there is a garage , boiler room, bathroom , office, hallway leading to the living room with kitchenette and staircase . On the top floor is a large bedroom with dressing room and bathroom , 3 bedrooms and one small bathroom in the hallway.

Entering the house is a corridor which is located a large closet on the right. Next for her is the bathroom. Located in the shower on the left. In the middle wall there is a small window . In the right corner of the sink and on the shelf with a mirror. In koytarzu on the left is located the entrance to the boiler room and utility room. With kotłowini you can go to the garage where the right under the wall cabinets are tools. In the middle is the place for 2 cars .

From the corridor passes to the hallway where there is a staircase leading to the attic . In the hallway on the right , you can enter the living room with kitchenette , and left the office. The kitchen is a medium-sized , tabletop separated from the living room . It's got all the necessary things for cooking, has modern furniture . On the wall under the cabinets are finished in mosaic . The living room is large. There is a large fireplace encased flat pieces of sandstone. At the fireplace is a place for a tree. On the left is a table with chairs. In the middle is skóżana sofa and two armchairs. Between them stands a small table in the shape of an oval . In front of the sofa hangs a plasma TV. The entire living apart is cinema .

There is also a large balcony opens onto a terrace where there are sun loungers. From the terrace you have a beautiful view of the beach and garden located on the left side . This is a special place because you can instantly relax after a long day . In the office there is an armchair and a desk with drawers and on the laptop . With the right wall is a bookcase . Behind the desk are hanging shelves for documents .

Up the stairs we go to the attic . On the right is a bedroom with dressing room and bathroom . In the middle is a huge four-poster bed . On the right is the entrance to the dressing room and next to the bathroom. The lower and upper right corner of the flowers grow tall . After the left corner is a chest of drawers next to her table and two footstools . On the wall at an angle hangs a lot of pictures and among them are two windows . On the dresser is a TV. Sypialnianej The bathroom has a bath with jacuzzi , sink, toilet , large mirror on the wall, wall cabinet for toiletries . In front of the bedrooms are situated rooms . They are in their beds . cabinets , tables, chairs and other household rigging . The bathroom is down the hall. Is small. It has a shower . sink and toilet . On the staircase , wooden staircase . The stairs is a chimney on the hanging flowers , fern and ivy .

That's what my house will look like in the future :)

Data dodania: 2014-01-30

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