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Dorothy Way!

At the beginning of the letter I greet you warmly.I would like to tell you about a recent vacation.We were in Wladyslawowo, the Baltic Sea.We chose this spot because our friends we really recommend them.We went there by train.The trip lasted all night.But we had a whole compartment for myself, so I traveled comfortably.Choosing a location proved to be accurate.Władysławowo is a beautiful city.There is inter alia Avenue of Stars of Sport, and the sports center Cetniewo.We were also in Hel..It's an amazing feeling when riding a train, one on the other hand, you can see the sea.The weather was beautiful throughout your stay. We had also an incredible adventure. One boy after a motorcycle accident, is in a coma. His friends organized a rally of motorcyclists from across the Polish. We all lined up around the house boy, and his mother brought him in a wheelchair onto a terrace in front of the house. During this time, fired motorcycles and began the action "wake up" boyfriend. It lasted half an hour, but whatever happened I can not express in simple words. Emotions amazing and my tears dropped from her eyes. We heard the howling engines and car horns. Unfortunately they failed to wake the boy. Then, each shut down the engine, and each of them approached the boy and his family. Then, one by one departed.
You can not describe the entire stay, but it was great and I recommend everyone Wladyslawowo. There are many beautiful and interesting places, and a large and beautiful beach. We brought plenty of souvenirs, shells, postcards and miniature passenger ship.
Concluding his letter, greet you warmly and I look forward to your reply. Write me how to have passed vacation, and how a trip to Greece?

Data dodania: 2012-06-11

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