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1. Opisz znaną ci osobę należącą do innego pokolenia
2. Opisz miejsce, które było dla ciebie ważne w pewnym okresie życia. Dlaczego? Opisz wspomnienia.
3. Recenzja filmu, który absolutnie ci się nie podobał.
4. The internet – a blessing or a course?
5. Napisz opowiadanie pt: "This was the worst dream I have ever had".
6. Wielu ludzi sądzi, że działania na rzecz ochrony środowiska są całkowicie bez znaczenia. Napisz rozprawkę prezentującą twoją opinię.

1) The person who represented an other generation and who I can describe with pleasure is Karol Wojtyła. He was born on 18 May 1920 in Wadowice. At the age of eight he lost his mother and after a couple of years Karol lost his older brother and father, as well. In 1978 he was elected as the Pope and he took up a new name - John Paul II. This Pope was also given the title of the 'Pilgrim Pope'.
Physically, Karol Wojtyła was on the short side. His round, pale face with short and small nose was always smiled. He had small, bright, blue eyes full of worth and understanding. His head was covered with short grey balding hair. John Paul II used to be as normal as he could. He had never worn expensive smart clothes.
As for his personality, Karol's most striking characteristic is his modesty. He tried to be the same person like he had been before his election. John Paul II visited about 130 countries. But he did not travel there just for sightseeing. He was changing places where he was. Extraordinarist, which he got, showed itself in his tolerant and thruthful lifestyle.
John Paul II is an icon of scancity. He brought changes in the image of the church across the globe. He gave people much ,ore than everyone had ever given. He taught Christians and belevers of other religious understanding and tolerance towards other people. He will be always remembered as a good man.
2) Sometimes I recall holiday memories. They make on important part of my life. One of these places where I was when I was young is Puck.
It is a popular seaside resort in the north of Poland. This town is famous for a number of reasons. One of them is a wonderful, aquatic sports base. There is the third biggest port in our country. The seaside resort aims at tourism, so there is a lot of accommodation for the night. What is more, the heart of the town - market square - contains stylish, unusual restaurants.
I haven't mentioned why Puck is so significant for me. First of all, I used to spend there my holidays. I was keen on water sports. Because Puck is a good place for it, I spent there whole days swimming and sailing. What bore in my mind the most was the beach - clean and full of shiny sand. Next to the coast there was the Captain Morgan's restaurant, where I used to have meals with parents. The buildings was covered with neverending ivy.

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