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Genetic Engeneering- blessing or curse?

Nowadays more and more people are interested in genetic engeneering because of the development of this tehnical knowledge. What's more, this issue is still contovential in society. Why it's a dilemma?

First of all, it is said that everyone who lives in society have to obey the rules and furthermore, soul of every person belong to the highest creator – God. Only God can give or take away life. But nowadays many scientists are trying to do researches about animals' and humans' cells, tissues and embrions. With high technology they are albe to do enetic changes in DNA or even cloning and what's more, they are trying to clone human. It's a human participation in te ort of creation and also ethical controversion.

It seems that with time people will be able to clon themselves. It will be very dangerous because of the fact that it won't be a real person but something without soul, machine create by human. Machines will consist of high technology small microprocesors and whe don't know how they will behave. The can begin a rage or start kill people in the wrold. Furthermore, cloned person is prone to serious or terminal illnesses or can create new, dangerous illness. It takes sometimes a few years to find suitable antibiotics. Moreover, with time Earth will be overpopulated and there won't be many place to live. It'll be seriously danger – outbrusts of rage, kidnapings, assassinations, robberys or even worse.
Summarising, in my consideration people, especially curious scientists should stop doing such controvential researches. It's high importance to leave the God's human creation. Then the world will be balanced.

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