Opis parku miejskiego. Municipal park.

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Municipal park
One of the most striking and mysterious place I know is the muncipal park in my hometown –Złotoryja. The different name of this place is ‘Bourgeois Hill’. The Park is associating with gibbet that has been to 1819 in front of the main entrance put. The first man who has been hung there was Gottfried Endlry as a result of committed incest. From this event comes one of the names – ‘Gibbets hill’.
The park locate in the suburbs of the town from the side way to Legnica. To it lead the asphalt road which with the entry of the park changes into a ravishing path. If you go enchanting the main way , in short you will find reconstruction of a beautiful 19century fountain, which display a muscular gold digger with a pickaxe in his hand. Not far grows wonderful and really old oak -‘Klakier’ which count 250 years and is a nature monumental. By park’s avenue grow tall beeches red oaks, many hemlock-spruce, branchy yew-trees and blossoming horse chestnuts. On the picturesque hummock, between thicket is situated huge obelisk (without eagle and board) elevate in memory of inhabitants died during the first Word War.
The atmosphere which has been buided there in the day makes one wonder and quiet but in the night one can loom large and feel the tension owning to poor lighting so the roads are looking mysterious and for someone ominous. It’s a great place to spend the time family picking up chestnuts or for lovers and romantic strolls and at the mornings it is often use by joggers and in-line skaters. Our municipal park is a place which I recommend everyone.

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