Zalety i wady internetu po angielsku

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Internet is now the best form of using our free time. People, especially young children or the youth prefer to stay home and spend their time in front of the computer instead of riding a bike or reading a book.
I am going to describe the advantages and the disadvantages of using the INTERNET.

One of the advantages is that it is a source of information, where we can easily and quickly find various materials, which may help us in our work or studies. In addition we can do shopping through the Internet, which saves our time and enables us to buy things which are unavailable in our local shops. The best part for me is that we can quickly communicate with others - via e-mails or various programs, such as GG. Because of the fact, that we can play computer games on-line I also have to admit that Internet is a great and helpful thing.

However, there are also a lot of disadvantages of the INTERNET. First of all information we find in the Internet may be worthless, sometimes it is difficult to separate "trash" from valuable information.It's also possible that we may become addicted to the Internet and lose contact with the real life - that would be a disaster ! If we sit long in front of a computer, it is harmful for our spine and eyesight. People have to start thinking about their health and social life and stop sitting in front of this big box which makes us addicted.

To sum up, I think that it's better for people to stop spending so much time on computer and start doing other more interesting things !

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