Stereotypes of Polish pepole.

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Each country has its own stereotypes. When we look at it closer we may say that some of them are true and some of them are made up. It is often said that Poland people have large knowledge in every subject they are good hosts, they are patriots and they like having fun. But on the other hand they are lazy, pessimistic and drink a lot of alcohol.
Some of these statements are not true. For example the Polish are often seen as very lazy people because they do not work in their country and they are unemployed. But when they leave Poland and start to work abroad they are considered as one of the best workers.
The same we may say about Polish patriots. Whenever they go abroad they often forget about their home country and they adopt the lives of the country where they start to live in.
As far as drinking alcohol in Poland is concerned we may say that this is our good point because we only drink with some occasions and not because we are alcoholics.
Another good pint is that Poles have big knowledge in many subjects and we are proud that some of them become famous scientists in the world.
I must say that I am not a typical Pole because I am rather optimistic person. I would like to graduate from school in Poland but start to study in well-known English or French university and find there a good job an after that start my family life there.

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