Capital punishment- advantages and disadvantages

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Nowodays, many people argue about the necessity of the capital punisment. Is it right or wrong to apply the capital punishment? The following essay presents some pros adn cons of this problem.
Firstly of all, the capital punishment is fair. Criminals should be punished in the some way they hurt other people, so if they murdered somebody they also should die.Secondly, if the capital punishment was introduced, there would be fewer criminals in prison so other people will not have to pay high taxes to provide for them. Thirdly, criminals cannot e released after a few years in prison and cannot commit another crime or hurt those who testified against them. Moreover, the capital punishment may discaurage other people from commiting the most terrible crimes.
On the other hands, everyone should be given a chance to make up for their life and start the ew life. Then, capital punishment is against the human right to live. We cannot behave as if we were God and decide about somebody's life and death. What is more, we must take into account that somebody has to do the most difficult job such as sentence somebody and then kill the person. Finaly, it is possible that a convicted person is innocent and if it turns after some time, nothing can bring the execution prisoner back to life.
As it has been shown in this essay, capital punishment has both advantages and disadvantages. In my opinio, capital punishment should not be introduced. Everybody has human right to live!!

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