Napisz list do kolegi, podziękuj za list napisz o nowym hobby ,dlaczego ciebie interesuje i co robiłes w weekend

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Hello Marcin!!!!!

Today I got your letter, and i want thank you for it. It was great to hear from you. Sorry I haven't written for ages, but I have been very busy with my exams. Since the last time that I wrote to you I met a new friend. His name is Radek. I met him in my sister birthday party. He is 23 years old, with blue eyes and fair hair. He's tall and slim. Radek is very friendly and ambitious. He has a good heart and he's sensitive to other people's problems. Now I want to tell you about my new hobby.Recently I was interesting about photography. I interested of this after I saw very exciting exhibition of photography of people. Worth is to take photography, because you can reveal beauty of surrounding our world, people and nature. You can to relax, to associate with people and nature. Last weekend, was spending my free time with family in the house. my mam was ill and i must take care her, but now she feel better
I`m looking forward to your reply and I hope I will see you soon.


Dear Leszek

Thank you for your letter, witch was pleasing for me. The last weekend I have spent at my aunt in Katowice. I saw many interesting places, visited Old Town, museum. I liked the famous Katowice Saucer. I have been with my cousin on large shopping. Because of these shopping, I was late on train to Olsztyn. The next departure I had 4 hours later. When I was coming back to Olsztyn, the train suddenly was stopped. It was appeared, that there was lack of electricity. Then, turn out, that the one car of train is split off. I was scared. Fortunately, everything finished well. I arrived home a little bit after midnight. I forgot to say about my hobby. I am collecting family pictures, sign them and stick in album. It was interesting to know about my ground fathers. I am waiting for a quick answer and greeting you.



Best wishes for your brother.

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