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The United States of America

The United States of America (the U.S.A.) is a federal republic in North America. With a history of over 200 years, the country is considered to be the oldest constitutional republic in the world. The U.S. originated from 13 colonies in British...


My ideal classroom

In our ideal classroom, there are five tables and six chairs. We catch the bus to school at 10.30. We wear the school uniform – a green shirt and a white blouse, with green socks, a green tie and a blue jacket. When we come home in the evening, we...


Schools in Poland

SCHOOLS IN POLAND In Poland children start school when they are seven, but when they are six they can go to kindergarten. During their first six years of education they learn at elementary school. There they must study: Polish, Maths,...


The Internet - useful or dangerous ? - rozprawka

The Internet is a focus of a lot of discussions. It has its good and bad points. Although the Internet can be dangerous, fro some people it has more advantages than disadvantages. The first advantage is that the most popular way of using the Net...


Jak spędzasz sobotę?

On Saturday I get up at 9 o'clock. Later J have brekfast. J eat a sandwitch and drink tea. Next I brush my teeth. J go plaing computer games. Leater I read a book. At 1 o'clock J have a dinner. After J listen to music and I go shopping with my...


Straszna historia

Long long ago in a dark forest lived a beautiful girl named Mery. Her husband, Nick, was a lumberjack. One day we had to go deep into the wood after the winter. While Nick gather wood, Mery was alone at home. Approximate awful long winter...


The best day of my life

I can still remember the best moments in my life, especially one summer day in 1999. I attended nursery school and I had the most beautiful voice of all the children, therefore I took part in the special festival of preschool songs....


Biografia Marlin Monroe

Marylin Monroe or Norma Jean Beaker was born on first June 1926 in Los Angeles. She has never met her father, her mother died when Marylin was 8 years old. Nine-year-old Norma Jean was placed at the orphanage. When she was 16 years old she got...


Being An Only Child

Being an Only Child Being an only child has profound effects on us and shapes who we are. A lot of studies have been done. They all say that us the ?onlies? are no different than others. I...


Christmas Eve and Easter in Poland.

Family get together on X-mas Eve. Before dinner we break a wafer. We wish health and happiness. We eat 12 dishes during X-mas Eve. We eat carp, herring. We eat pies with cabbage and mushrooms, pappy cake. We sing cards. We go to church at...