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The summery of White Fang

The story begins before the three-quarters wolf hybrid is born, with two men and their sled dog team. The men, Bill and Henry, are stalked by a large pack of starving wolves over a course of several days. Finally, four more teams find Henry, after...


My ideal classroom

In our ideal classroom, there are five tables and six chairs. We catch the bus to school at 10.30. We wear the school uniform – a green shirt and a white blouse, with green socks, a green tie and a blue jacket. When we come home in the evening, we...


Schools in Poland

SCHOOLS IN POLAND In Poland children start school when they are seven, but when they are six they can go to kindergarten. During their first six years of education they learn at elementary school. There they must study: Polish, Maths,...



LONDON London is the capital city of England and the United Kingom. It is put in south-east part of country. London stay over the Thames river. London inhabits 8,2 million of people. It occupies near 1607 square kilometers. There is second...


Review of a concert (Recenzja koncertu, pokazuje tutaj jak napisać recenzje po angielsku. Eng.)

On Mondey aftrernun last week, Williams (* nazwa zespołu, który wymyśliłem) played a concert. On the Olympic stadion. Aundiece of a houndret thousend (* sto tysięcy ) people. They played for five hours and they are superb. William Kilbay is a...


My winter holidays.

My winter holidays My winter holidays I spent In Zakopane. Zakopane is the Centre of winters sports. The town is situated in a valley in the Tatra Mountains. I like my winter holidays because I always meet my friend there and we had got very...


Jolly Roger

The "Jolly Roger" is one of the most frightening flags in the world. For hundreds of years, it flew on the masts of pirate ships. It shows a skull and two crossed bones. The meaning for people on other ships was clear: surrener or die ! The flag...


Being An Only Child

Being an Only Child Being an only child has profound effects on us and shapes who we are. A lot of studies have been done. They all say that us the ?onlies? are no different than others. I...


Opis wakacji po angielsku.

Two years ago I decided to take a vacation over the Polish - Baltic sea . I went there at the end of July. Going there was very happy that it is warm and the sun is shining , but not for long , because when you arrive it started to rain . I...


Opis postaci

John Smith aged 24, a gynaecologist from Tampere, which is located in middle Finland. John was born in rich finnish merchants family. He has always been into medicine. For this reason, he decided to study medicine on University in Tampere, where...

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