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Jak spędzasz sobotę?

On Saturday I get up at 9 o'clock. Later J have brekfast. J eat a sandwitch and drink tea. Next I brush my teeth. J go plaing computer games. Leater I read a book. At 1 o'clock J have a dinner. After J listen to music and I go shopping with my...


Christmas Eve and Easter in Poland.

Family get together on X-mas Eve. Before dinner we break a wafer. We wish health and happiness. We eat 12 dishes during X-mas Eve. We eat carp, herring. We eat pies with cabbage and mushrooms, pappy cake. We sing cards. We go to church at...


My favourite person - O osobie,którą podziwiam. Po angielsku

My favourite person Charming Robert Pattinson Is the biggest films star on the Word, I think. The newest film ‘ Twilight’ made him very popular. He is tall, slim and athletic . He has got short, brown hair and an oval face with big, dark eyes,...


The pros and cons of working as a doctor

Some people see it is an ordinary job while others think it is an exciting career. Whatever your views, there is no doubt that working as a doctor is a demanding job with many advantages and disadvantages. There are several arguments in favor...


Król Henryk 8. ( w języku polskim przetłumaczone na język angielski. )

W języku Polskim : Henryk VIII Tudor, urodzony w roku 1491, a zasiadający na angielskim tronie bardzo długo, bo przez trzydzieści osiem lat, od roku 1509 aż do swej śmierci, która nastąpiła w roku 1547, to postać niezwykle barwna i ciekawa. Był...


My favourite place - describe

I would describe my favourite place in the world - The Parthenon. It's the most popular building of ancient Greece. It was built in the 5th century BC on the Acropolis of Athens. The Parthenon is the symbol of ancient Greece and of Athenian...


What will be like in 100 years time

What will life be in 100 years time? To my mind the world will be better. I think there will be more people becuse medicine will be better. There will be more curses. My friend things that robots will heal instead of doctors, because the robots...


Opisz swojego przyjaciela. (poprawione przez nauczyciela BDB)

My friend's name is Paweł. I meet in the Gdańsk. He lives in Gdańsk. I meet in the Internet Cafe. I see this person every week. We have similar eyes, nose. We play computer games and surf internet. We are different because he likes music Disco...


Jolly Roger

The "Jolly Roger" is one of the most frightening flags in the world. For hundreds of years, it flew on the masts of pirate ships. It shows a skull and two crossed bones. The meaning for people on other ships was clear: surrener or die ! The flag...


Why choosing a proper job is important in proper life

Choosing a proper job is very important. Having a clear vision is an element of good planning the career what wants it to be getting and to achieve. Amongst personal advisers a saying is familiar: "if you don't know, where you make your way,...