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My winter holiday

I spent my last winter holiday in Italy, in a small town- Livinio. I went there with my whole family. It was great . During the day,I went skiing , I sledged and played snowballs with my brother. I also took up the snowboard course. After a few...


"Terrible story"

At the moment, all the lights came on. 'Oh!' cried Mrs Robinsoon. 'Look!' Its only teddy- bear. 'Mum' said Alan. 'There are bloodprints on the carpet'. Mr Robinson shone the torch round the corridor and he saw bloodprints too. At that moment the...


Wypracowania z angielskiego

Załączam dwa wypracowania: The great fire of London The New York city. Jeśli tłumaczenia są błędne poprawcie w komentarzach.


Friendship – the dearest thing

Friendship – it’s the one from the most important human feelings alongside love. A real friend is the biggest treasure. ‘Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.’ Friend would help us...


Iris - my favourite flower

In ancient Greece the goodes of the rainbow was named Iris. The flower iris was named after for her dazzling combination of colours. It is perhaps the cultivated flower, going back some 5.000 yeras ago. Ancient people belivedthat the root of the...


Advantages and disadvantages of using gadgets like TV, computers and also the Internet

There are a lot of advantages and also disadvantages of using gadgets like TV, computers. Computers are very useful for people who work in offices and for children who want to have good fun. There are some disadvantages, too. People can addicted...


Welcome to Wales!

Welcome to Wales! Introduction Wales is to the west of England. The population of Wales is 3.000.000 (three milion). Some Welsh people sapek Welsh, an ancien and beautiful language. Most English people Carnot understand Welsh. In Welsh,...


Will it be possible to live forever?

Our world changes all the time. Every day scientist try make easier our life. They find new technology, new drugs. In the past peoples died by cold. Actually, we know how to cure many disease. In my opinion, our life is safer than ever. I think,...


Król Henryk 8. ( w języku polskim przetłumaczone na język angielski. )

W języku Polskim : Henryk VIII Tudor, urodzony w roku 1491, a zasiadający na angielskim tronie bardzo długo, bo przez trzydzieści osiem lat, od roku 1509 aż do swej śmierci, która nastąpiła w roku 1547, to postać niezwykle barwna i ciekawa. Był...


Tekst na projekt o Rammsteinie

Industrial rock is a musical genre which is a fusion of industrial and rock music. It arose in the eighties of the twentieth century. Typical instrumentation for industrial rock bands centers on heavily-distorted or otherwise-effected guitars and...