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My family

My name?s Eve. I have got two brothers and sisters. My brother name?s Christopher and my sister name?s Alice. Christopher has got dark hair. He?s good-looking and slim. He?s 21 year old. Alice has got black hair and dark eyes. She?s not very fat....


My favorite day!

Saturday is the first day of the weeekend and we don't go to school. I like sleeping long on Saturday. I often watch TV with my sister. I cook dinner for familly, everbody is happy. I often do yhe shopping on Saturday. I read a book for my mum. We...


A lucky escape.

A month ago a window in Mary’s bedroom was opened. Dog-Charlie saw Mary crawling on the narrow ledge outside. He decided to help her. Then, he was already next to Mary. Her parents feared the worst when suddenly the dog took the little girl’s...


Healthy lifestyle is very important

A healthy lifestyle is very important to our organism. He gives us the health and a sense of well-being. A healthy lifestyle is obviously exercises, move, caring about the nice profile. However nowadays we often go to extremes from the extreme and...


Wypracowanie o sobie po angielsku!

My name is Claudia. I am thirteen years old. I go to primary school number five in Jelenia Gora. This is the best school in the world. I like to go there .. I have a brother and sister brother is nine and my sister is very much like fourteen years...


Article about a town/city worth visiting in your country.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is located in the heart of the country. I have chosen to write about it, becouse I spent the part of holidays there. In Warsaw are many interesting places to visit. Palace of Culture and Science is...


Opis przedpokoju (living room)

This is a clean and colourful living room. It is cosy and light. The furniture looks rather old-fashions. There is a big window between the pictures. A windowsill is under the window. There is coffee table between the armchair and the sofa. A...


Opis mojej przyjaciółki

My friend's name is Zuzia.She lives in Warsaw. She is teens. She has got 13 years old. Shee looks about 9 years old because she is very short. Her hair is long and curly, short and very, very fair. Her short fair hair makes her look very young....


Australia z tłumaczeniem

praca w dwóch załącznikach


Opowiadanie: "Lost in the desert"

’’LOST IN THE DESERT” Rick Anderson, a magazine photographer, had no idea what would happen to him when he set off the Sahara Desert in a small plane last month. The view was beautiful,...