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Wypracowanie o sobie po angielsku!

My name is Claudia. I am thirteen years old. I go to primary school number five in Jelenia Gora. This is the best school in the world. I like to go there .. I have a brother and sister brother is nine and my sister is very much like fourteen years...


My favourite film

My favourite film is "Nothing Hill". The film is a romantic comedy. In that film there play my favourite actors Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The film is about world famous actees Anna Scott and the man who works in the bookshape - William...


My winter holiday

I spent my last winter holiday in Italy, in a small town- Livinio. I went there with my whole family. It was great . During the day,I went skiing , I sledged and played snowballs with my brother. I also took up the snowboard course. After a few...


"Terrible story"

At the moment, all the lights came on. 'Oh!' cried Mrs Robinsoon. 'Look!' Its only teddy- bear. 'Mum' said Alan. 'There are bloodprints on the carpet'. Mr Robinson shone the torch round the corridor and he saw bloodprints too. At that moment the...


Friendship – the dearest thing

Friendship – it’s the one from the most important human feelings alongside love. A real friend is the biggest treasure. ‘Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.’ Friend would help us...


Iris - my favourite flower

In ancient Greece the goodes of the rainbow was named Iris. The flower iris was named after for her dazzling combination of colours. It is perhaps the cultivated flower, going back some 5.000 yeras ago. Ancient people belivedthat the root of the...


Christmas in Poland

In Poland people start preparation for Christmas at beggining of December. The shop windows are decorated in Christmas things. People buy a lot of presents. Christmas tree are decorated with sparkling tinsels, lights and glass balls, sometimes...


My favorite day!

Saturday is the first day of the weeekend and we don't go to school. I like sleeping long on Saturday. I often watch TV with my sister. I cook dinner for familly, everbody is happy. I often do yhe shopping on Saturday. I read a book for my mum. We...


Healthy lifestyle is very important

A healthy lifestyle is very important to our organism. He gives us the health and a sense of well-being. A healthy lifestyle is obviously exercises, move, caring about the nice profile. However nowadays we often go to extremes from the extreme and...


As Mark sat down... Activate B1+

As Mark sat down, he felt something moving next to his leg. He looked down and saw a big hairy creature. It ran away immediately. What was it ? Mark was on holiday with his dad in Bieszczady. They were staying in a tent. Mark got up earlier and...