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My favourite sport. Po angielsku- przetłumaczone

1 My favourite sport is riding a bike. (moim ulubionym sportem jest jazda na rowerze) 2 I like this because I can ride with my friends and family. (Lubie to bo moge jezdzic z moimi przyjaciolmi i rodziną) 3 When I do my favourite sport I...


My favourite TV programme.

My favourite TV programme. My favourite TV programme is "You Can Dance". Is a very popular show programme. I like it because I love dancing. I can watch this programme every Wednesday at 9:30p.m on TVN. It is about dancing. Jury choose 50 people...


My typical day- opowiadanie z języka angielskiego w czasie Present Simple

My typical day starts when I usually get up about half past six and go to bathroom. There I wash my teeth and wash face. After that I go to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I always go to the bus stop at seven o?clock. When I go to school I stay...


My dream house - dom moich marzeń

When I was younger I used to dream of living in beautiful palace. There I could have a balls or other parties. Now my dream house look differently. I wish come true about a small house located about few kilometers from a big city, in a quite...


How did you spend your holidays?

I will never forget this year’s holidays. At first I thought these holidays would be very boring, because I was going at the seaside with my family. I fought I would be looking forward to come back to school, but I was wrong. I can say my holidays...


The Poles: What we’re really like. (stereotypy o Polakach)

Most of the European think that Poland is in Asia. Most of the European don?t know that in Poland people speak Polish. Most of the European don?t know where Poland is. If you ask some man on a street in Paris or London ?What are you thinking...


Opis mojego dnia w języku angielskim

Myślę, że moje wypracowanie komuś się przyda. Proszę o sprawdzenie tekstu. Z góry dzięki! Today I arose about 7 o'clock. I went to kitchen and I had breakfast. I went to bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Next I checked then if I...


Przepis po angielsku

Easy Pizza Recipe Dough: Ingredients (for 4 people) • 1 cup of warm water • 3 1/2 cups of flour • 2 tablespoons of olive oil • 2 teaspoons of honey • 1 teaspoon of salt • 1 teaspoon of yeast Method: 1. Put warm water into a bowl. Add...


Ulubiony zespół muzyczny

My favourite band is Maroon 5. It has five members:Adam Levine,Jesse Carmichael,Matt Flyn,Michael Madden,James Valentine.They are from in the USA. I have all their CD's and my favourite song is "This love". Music what they create is great so i...


Cars in cities. Do we really need them?

All over the world people use cars. They are comfortable and fast. Almost no one can imagine life without them. But sometimes people forget that cars are very dangerous for the environment. We use cars everyday: when we ride to work, school or...