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Przepis po angielsku

Easy Pizza Recipe Dough: Ingredients (for 4 people) • 1 cup of warm water • 3 1/2 cups of flour • 2 tablespoons of olive oil • 2 teaspoons of honey • 1 teaspoon of salt • 1 teaspoon of yeast Method: 1. Put warm water into a bowl. Add...


Project: Your ideal school - twoja idealna szkoła.

Pr0 SKATER My ideal school is near the city center.It’s a day school for boys and girls.The school has got two skateparks with a huge building and massive halfpipe one outside and the other inside the bulding.There is an olympic swimming pool...


My favourite sport. Po angielsku- przetłumaczone

1 My favourite sport is riding a bike. (moim ulubionym sportem jest jazda na rowerze) 2 I like this because I can ride with my friends and family. (Lubie to bo moge jezdzic z moimi przyjaciolmi i rodziną) 3 When I do my favourite sport I...


My favourite TV programme.

My favourite TV programme. My favourite TV programme is "You Can Dance". Is a very popular show programme. I like it because I love dancing. I can watch this programme every Wednesday at 9:30p.m on TVN. It is about dancing. Jury choose 50 people...


How did you spend your holidays?

I will never forget this year’s holidays. At first I thought these holidays would be very boring, because I was going at the seaside with my family. I fought I would be looking forward to come back to school, but I was wrong. I can say my holidays...


Moja codzienna rutyna

My daily routine I wake up at six o'clock.I stay in bed for ten minutes.I get up and go to the bathroom.Next I brush my teeth and comb my hair.Then I get dressed.I wear my favourite T-shirt and black jeans.My mother makes a cup of tea and...


Opis mojego dnia w języku angielskim

Myślę, że moje wypracowanie komuś się przyda. Proszę o sprawdzenie tekstu. Z góry dzięki! Today I arose about 7 o'clock. I went to kitchen and I had breakfast. I went to bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Next I checked then if I...


My best friend

I`d like to describe my best friend. His name is [imię najlepszego przyjaciela]. We go to the same school. My best friend is sixteen years old. He doesn`t wear glasses. He is medium height. He is one hundred and seventy five centimeters. He is...


A letter to a friend: adventure on the holidays

July 23, 2006 Dear Asia! Sorry I haven?t been in touch for so long. That?s because of the adventure I had a while ago. At the beginning I thought the whole sorry would end appositively. But unfortunately it turned out good, furthermore kinda...


Education in Poland

SCHOOLS IN POLAND In Poland children start school when they are seven, but when they are six they can go to kindergarten. During their first six years of education they learn at elementary school. There they must study: Polish, Maths,...