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Przepis po angielsku

Easy Pizza Recipe Dough: Ingredients (for 4 people) • 1 cup of warm water • 3 1/2 cups of flour • 2 tablespoons of olive oil • 2 teaspoons of honey • 1 teaspoon of salt • 1 teaspoon of yeast Method: 1. Put warm water into a bowl. Add...


Jan Paweł II. First polish pope.

Jan Paweł II (Karol Wojtyła) The first Polish Pope Jan Paweł II was born on 18 may 1920 y. in the south of Poland. He was a good poet, actor and enthusiast of polish mountains. on 14 May 1938 Karol Wojtyła...


My favourite sport. Po angielsku- przetłumaczone

1 My favourite sport is riding a bike. (moim ulubionym sportem jest jazda na rowerze) 2 I like this because I can ride with my friends and family. (Lubie to bo moge jezdzic z moimi przyjaciolmi i rodziną) 3 When I do my favourite sport I...


Opis szkoły po angielsku

OP!S SZKOŁY My school is situated in the centre of my town and was built about sixty years ago.When the Second World War broke out it was converted to a prison. That's why it has brick walls and massive doors. It is a quite big building with...


Lew- opis zwierzęcia

Lions are mammals. They hale babies and feed them on milk. Lions but they live on the hot plains of Africa. They can hunt at night. They have four legs. they got whiskers, fur, paws, till. They weigh from 110 to 250 kilos. Lions are very...


Język Angielski - wywiad ze sławną osobą.

Interview with Valentino Rossi! Me: Hello Valentino! How are you? V: I?m fine, thanks. Can we began interview? Me: Ya, sure. Ok, first question. Where are you from? V: I?m from Italy, Urbino. Me: How old are you? V: I?m twenty eight. Me: How...


Opis ulubionego święta (Christmas)

My favourite time is Christmas because I meet up with my family on the Christmas Eve and I like decorate the Christmas tree. I love a lot of lights and I don't like a ton of decoration on the tree. I have some small glass heart bulbs, a gold star...


Recenzja filmu Władca Pierścieni

Dominik Wymysłowski IG Lord Of The Rings Lord Of The Rings is a fantasy film which was directed by Peter Jackson and leading actors are Elijah Wood(Frodo) and Vigo Morgenstern(Aragorn). The film won 11 Oscars. The film is set in Middleearth...


My favourite TV programme.

My favourite TV programme. My favourite TV programme is "You Can Dance". Is a very popular show programme. I like it because I love dancing. I can watch this programme every Wednesday at 9:30p.m on TVN. It is about dancing. Jury choose 50 people...


My best friend

I`d like to describe my best friend. His name is [imię najlepszego przyjaciela]. We go to the same school. My best friend is sixteen years old. He doesn`t wear glasses. He is medium height. He is one hundred and seventy five centimeters. He is...